I'm blogging about plain old simple aspirin. I was recently looking at a study that shows that ASPIRIN & NSAIDs can prevent or delay benign prostatic hyperplasia. In layman's terms, that's BPH. BPH is a condition in which the prostate becomes enlarged, leading to increased urinary frequency, waking in the night to urinate, & related symptoms. Mayo Clinic physicians report on a study of nearly 2500 men which looked at the impact of aspirin & other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) upon BPH. These findings suggest that taking the drugs commonly prescribed for conditions like arthritis had the beneficial side effect of reducing the risk of enlarged prostate by 50%! The risk of urinary symptoms was 35% reduced for men on NSAIDs & this did not seem to be dependent on the dose of drug taken. Even those on low-dose aspirin (81 mg...I call them baby aspirin), experienced a reduction in urinary symptoms. It is not yet clear just how these NSAIDs reduce the risk of BPH & it may be that they reduce inflammation in the genitourinary tract which might otherwise lead to prostate enlargement. What about prostate cancer? This is, or should be, a major concern for men over 60 or even 50. Other studies have shown that NSAIDs can reduce the risk of prostate cancer & this is what prompted this new research into BPH. For signs of prostate cancer, visit: TheCancerSucess.com & learn about the signs of prostate cancer. I'm well aware of some of the recent studies/findings/government reports on annual PSA testing, but in my opinion, I still believe any man over age 60 SHOULD have an annual PSA test. They have saved a ton of lives!  As I like to say...ignore your health & it will go away!