Conrad softball coach Sandy Syverson told me that the Stillwater softball team from the Columbus area has officially forfeited its conference makeup game with Shelby for tonight. The two teams were tied at 5-1 going into that game, so the forfeit pushed the Coyotes to their first division softball title, and the number one seed for this week's Eastern Division tournament in Cut Bank.

Conference standings:

Shelby                        6-1

Conrad                       5-2

Stillwater                  5-2

Glasgow                     5-2

Shepherd                  4-3

Colstrip                     2-5

Huntley Project     1-6

Cut Bank                   0-7

Conrad gets the second seed because they beat both Stillwater and Glasgow. It's the first time Northern Montana has had a top seed at a divisional tournament, much less the top two seeds, so there's a good chance our area could qualify two teams for state next week!

The divisional tournament starts Friday morning at 9:00 with Shelby playing Cut Bank and Glasgow up against Shepherd. Conrad will play Huntley Project at 11:00; Stillwater and Colstrip will play at that same time. We'll post a bracket for you later this week, and listen for scores and reports on KSEN and K96 this weekend!