It's raining & snowing up in Alberta according to "Tall"-Todd, the custom cutter guy who comes up here to the Golden Triangle every harvest season. Todd reports that they harvested winter wheat for producer "Yakking" Yak Hengerer up north. Todd says there was pretty good lightning & thunder prior to the rain beginning & that it rained hard all day, ending with 2 inches of moisture & enough snow to make the ground white! They had 50 acres of winter wheat left, with tremendous yields (70 plus bushels on winter wheat!) from good moisture from the summer. 'Ol Yak had started harvest the middle of August with his 18 mean machines & also South Fork had harvested 2,000 acres, but they're leaving to go back south to do fall harvest. Todd reported that Yak seeds 130 pounds per acre, hoping for 30 plants per square foot, but this year, due to winter-kill, he only averaged about 27 per square foot. They have about 20,000 acres left to harvest & are hoping for some wind & warmer weather. Todd said north of Edmonton it froze hard several nights ago. Meanwhile, down in Colorado, the "Lucky" Linnenbergs received around 2 inches of rain out of the Denver-deluge & they are hoping to start seeding winter wheat. Kansas had recent rains amounting to around 4 inches, so they feel they are in good shape for winter wheat, but producer, "Lonesome" Larry Goyer in Oklahoma & "Courteous" Ken Adderholt in Vernon, Texas, say they need moisture bad, as they are still dry in those area. Very soon the snow will be flying here in the Golden Triangle under our Big Sky!