No, it's not the menu at a tiny mom & pop's the new book from Visual Learner Rico Racosky. With a name like this, the guy should have been either a football player or a professional wrestler! Either that or a part in the old Rocky Horror Picture Show. Rico has a background in Art & Aviation & his books are designed to teach concepts through BOTH graphics AND words. "Just 2 Choices" is a guidebook for everyone-a blueprint for understanding the power of every choice & a road map to manifesting the great life that we all desire. The book shows very clearly & concisely that the "key" connection for creating everything in life is the connection between our choices of thoughts & our choices of feelings. It sounds simple & it really is. The book(s) came about over 20 plus years that began Rico working with kids. Educator/author Dr. Jane Bluestein gives the book an A plus & says in her 40 years as an educator, she believes the greatest gift we give our children is the skill of how to make conscious & mindful choices, with an awareness of the possible outcomes to themselves & others. "Just 2 Choices" author isn't letting the moss grow under his feet either...he is the writer of 3 books for young people on setting & achieving goals. Check out his website at: I think it is one of the most "colorful" & educational fun to read books that I've come across in some time. He also a really cool app. It's truly an "educational experience".