Yesterday afternoon (Tuesday), was a fun afternoon on "Puffman Musical Trivia". Mike Ready from Cut Bank was my "Puffman Musical Trivia" winner! Mike was the winner of the new book, "Trucker Ghost Stories" edited by Annie Wilder. Wilder is wild and she's been a guest on one of my favorite all night radio programs, "Coast to Coast AM" with George Noory. Some evenings, I find George to be every bit as strange as his callers. It's a wild read also. "Trucker Ghost Stories" is set to go on sale next Tuesday, August 7th. "Trucker Ghost Stories" contains other true tales of haunted highways, weird encounters, and legends of the road. These are all first-hand accounts and are as varied as the storytellers themselves, some detailed and filled with the terror and suspense that made people feel they had to share what happened to them with others; others are brief and straightforward retellings of truly chilling events. My hair stood on end just looking at the spooky black cover. It's a Tor Trade paperback original and should be available at major bookstores and on Check out the UFO's, the promo girl ghost of Alabama, a demon in Texas, and other accounts of the creepy, scary things that truckers and other drivers and passengers related to editor Annie Wilder. This book is NOT for the faint of heart. I did "okay" with it because I'm not afraid of anything, I'm the Puffman.