Today, Thursday, August 15th, is NATIONAL RELAXATION DAY. Ganit Kriel (can we trust a fellow named GANIT!), a licensed acupuncturist out in California (where else!) is urging us to utilize today to reduce our stress. That is one tall order for me, the Puffman, because I'll be talking with the Gabby Cabby later this afternoon! Ganit(!) wants us to take action on this NATIONAL holiday by seeking stress reducing care by using traditional Chinese medicine. He says, "Although stress itself may be unavoidable, the impact of stress on our lives & our personal health can be greatly lessened." According to the Mayo Clinic, "a person's body is "hard-wired" to react to stress in order to protect the person from threats from predators & other aggressors that generally no longer exist. However, instead of running from wildlife, people now suffer from things such as large workloads & making sure a person can take care of their family; & these are the things that the body now treats as stress, opposed to the minor hassles that they really are". Mayo says stress can put a person at risk for several stress induced conditions. These can include depression, weight gain, anxiety & heart disease, among others. I'm getting stressed just writing this blog! I think my way of celebrating National Relaxation Day today will be trying not to "JUMP" to any conclusions the remainder of the day! In the meantime, I think that I'll just kick back & relax.