It's one of the numerous, & I mean NUMEROUS aphorisms I came across in Jay Friedenberg's new book, "Aphorisms From A to Z: A User's Guide to Life". To cut to the chase, an aphorism is a short saying that states a general truth. Author Jay Friedenberg is a Professor of Psychology & Chair of the Psychology Department at Manhattan College. The man has written a number of books on cross-disciplinary topics including undergraduate texts in cognitive science, artificial intelligence & non-linear dynamics. What does this mean in layman's terms? Quite simply, if you learn or memorize enough of these, your friends & co-workers will believe you to be intelligent & actually knowing something. I've been doing this for years & it really works. Not only this, but these aphorisms are great ice breakers at cocktail parties & social events. I usually throw 3 or 4 of them out when I visit ol' Darrell at the Dixie Inn here in Shelby. He loves them! Here's another one for you: "Never try to win a popularity contest". I don't have to...I'm the Puffman! Check out "Aphorisms From A to Z: A User's Guide to Life" by Jay Friedenberg from Golden Palace Publishing in New York City. It's one of the most comprehensive & qualitative sources of sayings from any single author, consisting of over 2,000 different aphorisms on more than 600 topics & will inspire & serve as a practical guide to living a better life. Why do you think that I'm so smart!