I blogged earlier on today about the Marias Heritage Center & our "Montana History" reading on Tuesday evenings (tonight!). Well, I've said it before & I'll say it again..."There's always SOMETHING" going on at the Heritage", & this week is proving to be no exception. The Irish Minstrels" from over the mountain in Kalispell will be coming over to perform at the Heritage Center THIS Thursday evening at 6. All our community here in the Golden Triangle is invited to "c'mon up to the Heritage & listen to this fun & festive couple as they spin stories & perform their music. It's a "touch of the ol' Irish" for your entire family this Thursday evening at the Marias Heritage Center. And, do you know what(?)...you don't even have to be Irish! The Irish Minstrels" Thursday evening at 6 at the Marias Heritage Center. I've heard tell that they're even traveling over here on Highway 2 in a GREEN vehicle!