A yearly seasonal Christmas favorite returns to Cut Bank NEXT Friday night, December 7th at the Joe Meagher Civic Center as the Cut Bank Chamber of Commerce presents the "Festival of Trees". This is a wonderful way to enjoy this special Christmas season, especially with the New Harold Nichols Band on hand this time to provide the musical entertainment. $35 tickets are available right now at Billmans in Cut Bank & coming up this afternoon (Wednesday) at 2:30, Pastor Gerald Ebelt will be stopping by the Puffman Show to share more on this year's Festival of the Trees in Cut Bank. I DO know that cocktails are at 6 with dinner at 7 next Friday evening & if you've attended the Festival of Trees before, you already know how splendid it truly is. And, if you haven't, I strongly encourage you to attend next Friday. It promises to be a program you'll remember all through the year. It truly is a real Christmas tradition in Cut Bank. And speaking of the New Harold Nichols band...what's your favorite "big band" tune? Mine would have to be "Moonlight Serenade". I'd like to hear from you.