Next month, April, is Child Abuse Prevention Month and Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Hi-Line's Help For Abused Spouses along with Montana State Representative Rob Cook are teaming up to remember and honor victims of child abuse and sexual assault NEXT Wednesday night, April 4th at the high school football field in Conrad. This event is scheduled to start at 8 o'clock and sky lanterns and lit balloons will be released into the night sky Wednesday evening. Myself, I'm not sure if we, as a society, are seeing MORE child abuse and/or sexual assault these days or if we are just hearing more because of the extensive media coverage we have all become used to. That's probably a subject for another day, another blog. Point is, even ONE case/incident is TOO many and I feel that it is up to all of us as a society and a people to not only be aware of what is going on, but do our level best to understand and prevent it. Hopefully there will be a commendable turnout next Wednesday evening in Conrad for Light Up The Night at the Conrad High School Football field. Cookies and hot chocolate will be provided. Monica Huffman will joining me tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon at 2:30 on the Puffman to share more on Light Up The Night with us.