KSEN/KZIN has a great audience ....and we mean everywhere!    We received this e-mail today from Stanislav in the Ukraine.


I work in the office of a small firm, all day I spend at the computer, often listen to your radio station, and the whole staff of our organization is listening to you, we are almost the fans of your radio, really like your music , leading programs. Always interesting to hear what is happening in neighboring countries. Hard working days, your radio is helping ordinary office manager to work out all week and on Friday evening when labor weekdays have been completed, your radio is helping to distract from the work and calmly to the weekend with his family. But in our country there is no opportunity to see small souvenirs with logos of your radio, such as a corporate icon, pens, pencils, cord with carabiner, gadget, stickers, t-shirts ...  All that can remind me of your radio. I am writing to request you to send me if you have such a product with your logo, if it does not entail significant costs for your radio. I would be very grateful.

Sincerely your fan and admirer.

Thank you for your work.

Stanislav Barabash
Krivoy Rog,  Dnepropetrovskaja