We are hearing bits and pieces of each side in the debate over The Rocky Mountain Heritage Act pushing for a big turnout at the listening session in Choteau Saturday afternoon.    Others are hearing that as well and so the organizers are changing to a larger location at the Choteau H.S. Auditorium. It starts at 2:30 and is being hosted by Mt. Republican Congressman Denny Rehberg.     The Heritage Act would created 68-thousand acres of new wilderness and 208-thousand acres of "Conservation management area," which would place that particular land under the authority of the U-S Secretary of Agriculture.   One big issue is roads that can be used for motorized travel.   Those who formed the Act say they will close no roads, but the act itself says that doesn't keep the Secretary from "re-routing or closing an existing road to protect natural resources from degradation, as determined to be appropriate by the Secretary."

Karl Rappold, a rancher along the front encouraged everyone to read the bill and be informed on it..    He says he invested five years of his life to help form it because he wanted to "keep the front the way it is."   He also says it protects and strengthens grazing right, which some ranchers have expressed concern over.