Funnyman Bill Cosby is coming to Great Falls this November. Tickets for his show went on sale last Wednesday, & if the pace of ticket sales in other Montana cities is any indication of how Great Falls & north central Montana respond, then those wishing to see Bill Cosby "in person" will want to purchase their tickets NOW! That's what the Event Chairperson, infamous media celebrity Norma Ashby, tells me, & my good friend, Norma, will be joining me this afternoon (Tuesday) at 4:30 on the Puffman Show. If it's a "happening" event, ol' Norma is somehow involved & in this deal, Norma is with the Great Falls Advertising Federation, better known as "Ad Club" & it's the Ad Club that is bringing the clowning Cosby to Great Falls for its 3rd Annual "Celebrity Celebration. Talk about a "track record"..."Dear Abby"/Jeanne Phillips was their featured celebrity for the 1st "Celebrity Celebration" back in 2011, & world-famous animal expert Jack Hanna was the guest last summer. One of America's most beloved comedians of all time, Cosby has captivated generations of fans with his comedy routines, iconic albums & best-selling books. Like me, I'm the Puffman, Cosby's comedy transcends age, gender & cultural barriers. I can remember back in the 60's when I was starting out in broadcasting, playing Bill Cosby's comedy albums on the radio! It's always good to have a friend & a fellow broadcaster on my program, & I'm more than excited about having Norma Ashby with me this afternoon. This, coupled with the fact, that several weeks back, I did a "TV thing" with Norma down in Great Falls, & I was on "HER turf". Now, today, Norma will be on "MY turf" & I will be the boss. When I was on with Norma sharing some great radio stories from my youth, Norma "cut me off" at the 29 minute mark & I can't wait to "cut her off" when I run out of time this afternoon! What's good for the goose, is good for the gander Norma! Hope you can join me at 4:30 when Norma Ashby shares with us all the details on how to get your tickets for the Bill Cosby November appearance here in the Big Sky. Check out: or call 761 6453 for more information on tickets. I would blog more about Norma, but unfortunately, we're out of time! Take me out of here!