Tomorrow evening (Tuesday),The National Geographic Channel will be unveiling our 1st televised glimpse into one of the oldest religious colonies in this country, struggling with the daily temptations of the modern world. It's "American Colony: Meet the Hutterites. King Colony near Lewistown is made up of 59 people, almost all related, who share their work and wealth, reject worldly possessions with great wit and dedicate their lives to communal living. From week to week, viewers will see this not-so-modern family as they struggle to balance tradition and the intrusions of the outside world...from hormonal teens wanting to attend a public high school to mothers adhering to old customs, but wanting more for their children. National Geographic crews actually went inside the Hutterites of Montana to get a first hand report on what's happening WITH the Hutterites. Tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon on the Puffman Show during the 4 o'clock hour (around 4:30), I'll be talking with the producer of this National Geographic Channel series "American Colony: Meet the Hutterites, Jeff Collins. With unprecedented access, viewers will witness the differences between the roles of men and women, young and old, conservative and progressive threatening to tear apart the family and ultimately the Hutterite way of life. "American Colony: Meet the Hutterites. I'm not only looking forward to speaking with Jeff but also to this new TV series which will take us inside one of the oldest religious colonies in the country where technology is challenging weathered and time-honored traditions. Some of the Hutterites we'll be meeting include Bertha and her children, Rita, Wesley, Rita's son, Marvin (he's the money boss) and Toby. But in this colony of pacifists, it's not all about farming and milking cows. This family lives together, works together and worships God together 7 days a week, 365 days a year, for their entire lives...and like any family, this one doesn't always agree. (it's probably a good thing they're in farming and not the broadcast business). Producer Jeff got his start on the hit show "Entertainment Tonight" and was soon promoted to Vice President of LGE, a production company under the wing of Paramount Domestic Television, for which he produced a number of successful specials and documentaries. If you ask me (I'm the Puffman), this one should put him "right over the top"! Immediately after our interview tomorrow, I'll be giving away a DVD of initial program of this new series to caller #3 at 434 5241. See you tomorrow afternoon to "Meet the Hutterites"!