The "Queen of Trivia", Ms Jane C. Flinn will be joining me this afternoon (Friday) at 4:35. Jane's a fun interview and she's written 6 books on trivia. In fact, when I contacted her this afternoon, she was working on her 7th. This Vero Beach, Florida woman has been at the game for around 10 years and is still looking for a publisher. Don't feel bad Jane, Alan Jackson's looking for a record label and he's been in the bizz' for 20 years. I invite you to tune in today and have some "trivia fun". I'll even be giving away one of Jane's trivia books...this one is "The Best Trivia Book-Geography." All her books are called "The Best Trivia something or other" but of course that's her opinion. And dig this, the woman wears one of them tee-air-ahs on her head and parades around downtown Vero Beach with that "crown" perched high upon her head. And many of you think that I'm crazy! See you at 4:35 this afternoon for some real trivia fun.