It's Tuesday(!) & that means it's "Montana History" Reading tonight up at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby. I'll be there at 6 sharp to finish up reading our Glacier Park book, "Glacier From the Inside Out" & I'm bummed that this great collection of stories from former Glacier Park employees is coming to an end so soon. We only have 13 pages to go! When we reach the end of the road...the Going To The Sun Road, I  plan on reading a chapter from a local author's book, "Viva Laughter". Speaking of roads, This author lives right down Interstate 15 road in Conrad. He's Patrick Shannon, & Patrick is ONE impressive writer! He's already written THREE books including "Viva Cisco", a GREAT children's read offering 3 humorous stories for young readers. The man enjoys the comedic side of human nature, & he can think of no higher honor than someday to being remembered as a bona fide humorist. I guess THAT, AND having ME read some of his writing up at the Heritage Center! The selection I'll be sharing this evening at the Heritage from his "Viva Laughter!" tome is called "Passing Time in Montana" & it looks like a laugh riot! Patrick is a member of the Phi Kappa Phi scholarship society & the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators. You may recall reading about Patrick a few months back in the Great Falls Tribune."Readers Favorite" blasts "Patrick Shannon has written a real wailing winner" with his "Letters From Wheatfield" & I'm sure that his "Passing Time in Montana" from "Viva Laughter!" will have us kicking the slats out of our cradles tonight. I've talked with Patrick & learned that he is a Mel Brooks fan & that makes him a "hero" in my eyes! I'm still trying to figure it Franken-stine or steen! See you tonight at 6 for "Montana History" (& laughter) at the Heritage Center.