In a state where cattle outnumber people, agriculture is our business. In fact, it’s Montana’s number one industry and growing.  With 28,600 farms and ranches across Montana, the industry generated over $4.7 billion for all agriculture services and products rendered in 2012.  Our products, from wheat and barley to beef, are some of the highest quality and highly desired throughout the United States and world.  Montana’s agricultural industry is constantly evolving to meet the needs of national and international consumers, and finding ways to add value to their products.  Food manufacturing is one of the fastest growing sectors in Montana, with employment growth set to outpace all other manufacturing industries this year.


Montana is a leading producer of certified organic wheat, dry peas, lentils and flax, and is home to a multimillion dollar honey and pollinating industry.  Sweet cherries, sugar beets, seed potatoes, and hay are among some of the other crops grown in the state.  Montana ingenuity is adding value to what we grow by producing microbrews, bread, cereal, candies, jams, snacks, pasta, wine, and other quality specialty products consumed throughout the world.




Did You Know?


  • Next year, Montana food manufacturing is likely to see the fastest manufacturing employment growth.
  • Wheat is Montana's number one export, with nearly 75% being exported to Asian markets.
  • Montana farmers and ranchers added $2 billion of value to the national economy.