Montana author Jeff Noonan is joining me this afternoon (Wednesday) at 4:35 on the Puffman Show. This St. Regis native has penned quite a tome. "The Long Escape" is the name of Jeff's book and what a story it is. It's a true tale (not to be confused with the Gabby Cabby's True Tales). "The Long Escape" is a story of survival. It's the story of how a boy and his family lived in hell; of how they fought back and learned to live with the memories. As Jeff's book unfolds, we learn how childhood memories impact on this young man's life. We rejoice with him when he eventually meets a woman to take to the little house of his dreams. But most important of all, we find out how the young man and his brothers finally overcome their monster and learn to cope with the memories and the scars that were left in each of them. The book starts out in the early 1950's when Jeff watches as the father he idolized gradually becomes an abusive, alcohol-fueled, monster. Before age 12, he had seen his mom repeatedly beaten and Jeff becomes a target himself. I was riveted from page 1 to, what I felt, was a happy ending in the final chapter. See you this afternoon in the 4 o'clock hour. I'll be giving away a copy of "The Long Escape" right after the interview this afternoon. Let's all give a "Montana Welcome" to Jeff Noonan!