The Montana farm real estate values & cash rents have been released & are in! The average value of farm real estate here under the Big Sky increased $30 from last year to $790 per acre according to the USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service Montana Field Office. In 2013, the average value of cropland increased $38 per acre. The average value of irrigated cropland was $2800 per acre...that's up $100 from one year ago, while non-irrigated cropland increased $30 to $710 per acres. Pasture values increased $10 to $580 per acre. The average cash rent to Montana cropland increased $2 from last year to $31.50 per acre. Non-irrigated cropland increased 50 cents from 2012 to $23.50 per acre in 2013. The average cash rent for irrigated cropland was $86 per acre, up $6 from 2012. Average pasture rents were 10 cents above 2012 at $6 per acre in 2013. I certainly enjoy writing about agriculture here in our Golden Triangle & with the "Old Fishing Hole" expiring for the season at the end of this month (August), I won't be Executive Producing ANYTHING until spring! I''m seriously looking into becoming some kind of Executive Producer of Agriculture here at the radio station!