Montana author (she was born in Helena & is a Carroll College graduate!), ALL her novels shed light on the historical development of the "wild west." Lenore McKelvey Puhek, is back with her 4th book just in time for Christmas giving. At our "Montana History" reading Tuesday evenings up at the Heritage Center, we have all thoroughly enjoyed Lenore's 1st 3 tomes, "The River's Edge: The story of Thomas Francis Meagher", "Annie: The Cabin in the Woods", & "Forever Friends". Her latest claim to fame, "No Time for Tears" looks to be her best effort yet! My opinion? Lenore is one of the FINEST writers I've come across & she has the unique ability to not only tell a story, but to put the reader smack dab into that story. "No Time for Tears" is another historical novel based upon stories about real people who came to live & work in Montana Territory. It is a continuation of the Hicks & Frey families. This time, Dr. Amelia Martin gives birth to her son Joseph James; Sarah Marie meets her cowboy & lives a lifetime on a homestead: Beulah continues to work for Amelia; Mrs. Mutchnik survives her accident: & Josie recovers in a surprising way after her husband was killed in a horse runaway.. & Puhek thought SHE was having problems with her Buick!! After 5 years of doctoring in Helena, Dr. Martin decides to return to Virginia. 25 years separated her from her sister, Sarah Marie. A family reunion enlightens the families of how that time was spent. Contrasts between lifestyles are illuminated. A tour of the thriving city, a visit to the cemeteries, & a vacation at the illustrious Broadwater Hotel & Natatorium has Joseph wondering about his past & future. I have chosen Lenore's new read, "No Time for Tears", as the NEXT book we'll be enjoying up at the Marias Heritage Center when we complete our story of Mary Ronan in the next couple of weeks. Looking forward to another great "Puhek Prize" This book & ALL Lenore's books are available by writing to Lenore at: P.O. Box 6002 in Helena 59601. or call 406 443 2552. Thank you Lenore for sharing another great piece of "Montana History"! I'm also looking forward to having Lenore on the Puffman Show SOON to share more from "No Time for Tears".