From Alice Burchak, Toole Co. Agent:

On Oct 15th, Montana State University Extension Specialist Marsha Geotting will be offering a presentation to help families get started planning for the future transition of the family land and business. This presentation will emphasis viewing the interdependence of both the family and the business when planning for transfer and succession to the next generation. Transfer planning includes the legal and economic decisions involved in turning over the ownership of the business, land and other property to the next generation. Succession planning includes the family social decisions involved in managing the value and role conflicts that normal arise when families discuss the transfer of farm/ranch business, land and other property to the next generation.

     The presentation is being sponsored by the Sunburst Community Foundation and MSU Extension. Dr. Geotting will also be offering a presentation on general estate on the 15th. For more information please contact the the Toole County Extension Office at 424-8350 or email: :