Mugamore...that says it all, it's the title of the book that's up for grabs this afternoon (Monday) on Puffman Musical Trivia at 4:35. The year us 1976, & 5 year old Mugamore has made the 2 block journey to Public School 136 many times with his 7 year old sister, Jewel. Jewel was about to become a 2nd grader, & Mugamore was on his way to kindergarten. 1975 would prove to be the year when Mugamore became aware that there was a world beyond that which he could see or feel. His formative years were coming to a close as the United States was closing out 1 of the most turbulent eras in its soon to be 200 year history. Born in 1970, Mug was oblivious to the political assassinations, civil rights movement, space race, hippie culture, cold war, & Vietnam conflict that preceded his awakening. It's 1 powerful read written by by Dr. Jonathan T. Jefferson to bring interested readers to a common premise. Each child presents with both simple & complex obstacles that even THEY may not be able to understand & articulate. Check out the book from FriesenPress at: or visit the author's website at: & then listen to WIN the book this afternoon on Puffman Musical Trivia. I'll be flashing back to September 28th, 1958 for this afternoon's musical trivia question...stay tuned!