The newly elected Blackfeet Tribal Business Council, 5 new members and 4 holdovers, are "moving forward as quickly as possible," to reconcile issues that were created by the split in the previous council.

Newly elected Chairman Harry Barnes says in a 3-hour meeting Mon., the council appointed Tinsuella Bird Rattler as Tribal Treasurer.  Each side of the faction previously were recognizing only their own treasurer.  Also during that meeting Barnes says the Council determined that they would appoint Department Directors who were in place as of Oct. 1st, 2013 as interim Directors until a full hiring process and re-advertising of positions could take place.

Barnes also noted that because there were numerous illegal firings, terminations and hirings, there were at least 60 positions that were duplicated or in simple terms two people were working the same job.

He said "that has wreaked havoc on the budget and while it will impact many jobs, it's a situation that must be reconciled"

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