Peter Franklin, aka The Gabby Cabby, relates that his New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg (the equivalent of our Mayor Larry), is urging him to QUIT the elevator & use the stairs for his health! The Gab Man will be joining me this afternoon (Thursday) at 4:40 on the Puffman Show. It's always a blast to talk with my friend from New York, the driver of the yellow mobile conveyance lounge, & this afternoon we'll learn what exactly a "Pedi Cab" is. I suspect it's a taxi cab for small minded people!. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree in the ol' Franklin family either...Pete's daughter, Catharine R. Franklin, has penned a GREAT article for "Montana The Magazine Of Western History", the summer 2013 edition, volume 63, number 2. It's titled "Black Hills & Bloodshed; The U.S. Army & The Invasion Of Lakota Land, 1868-1876". I picked up my copy down at Village Drug in Conrad several weeks ago & I have to tell you, Catharine Franklin is every bit as proficient in writing as her pop is in driving a cab! AND, she's a whole lot safer! AND quieter! Check out Catharine's neat article in "Montana The Magazine Of Western History" & join me this afternoon when the Gabby Cabby will tell us more on his daughter's article when he comes on the Puffman Show...that's if he's not too winded from taking the stairs in his New York City apartment building!