It's Selena E. Coppock's new tome, "Rules For Blondes) from HarperCollins/It Books & it's a riotous romp indeed. Selena covers a ton of "pop culture" in this read. Her storytelling is spectacular as when she writes about blond vs. brunette rivalries. Check out this really fun read & visit Selena's website: Selena IS a pretty name...blonde or not. I can't recall hearing the name "Selena" since I read of Selena Cross's adventures in "Peyton Place" back in the 50's. I don't think that Selena Cross was a blonde like Selena E. Coppock but I have no way of knowing...there were no pictures in "Peyton Place" & I note that Coppock's picture ISN'T in "Rules For Blondes" but it's still neat read. As Dagwood Bumstead says, "BONDIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"