Montana television icon Norma Ashby will be joining me this afternoon (Monday) at 4:35 to discuss  the "Waking the Dead" tours of historic graves at Highland Cemetery in Great Falls. We had to reschedule Norma from Friday because of some late breaking local news coverage. I'm more than anxious to talk with the former "Today In Montana" host about these "grave tours" scheduled for Friday night, July 1st. It's the 181st birthday of Paris Gibson and I don't have to tell you who he was. I attended a junior high school named after this founder of Great Falls and not only is the late Mr. Gibson buried out at Highland Cemetery but it's also the final resting place for Ralph Jones who fell from the Smelter Smokestack during it's construction back in 1908. Charlie and Nancy Russell, George Montgomery and Paris and Valeria Gibson and their two infant children are out there also. Participants on the tours will be transported on two hay wagons pulled by tractors. There will be commentators with megaphones discussing the significance of those buried in the graves. The hay wagons will follow an antique hearse provided by Croxfords' Funeral Home drawn by a team of mules. What this tells me is that there is "no peace anywhere"...even for the dead! That's what I have to look forward to...hay wagons rolling by my grave with commentators on megaphones. What's the use of evening dying these days if you can't get any peace? If you'd like to go, space is limited, so for reservations and tickets, contact the History Museum in Great Falls at 453 3462. It should be one grave experience. I'm looking forward to finding out more this afternoon with the affable Ashby.