Whenever my colleagues or friends like to infer that I am getting long in the tooth and/or old, or even refer to me as "old school", I like to retort, "Nothing beats experience" & this seems to put a damper on the conversation. I note an article in the January 2013  "Urology Times" states that according to a new study by the RAND Corp, that inexperienced physicians end up costing more than their more EXPERIENCED counterparts! Although the study doesn't gauge quality of care, its authors caution that costly NEW physicians may lose out on contracts & face lower payments from private insurers & government programs that are moving toward a system that rewards providers who offer quality care at a low cost. You can read more on this study at: urologytimes.com/experience. Like I like to say, "I'm the Puffman & whether you're in medicine or broadcasting, nothing beats experience"! I guess the life lesson here is that one should go to an old doctor & listen to an old radio pronouncer.