From the Montana Chamber of Commerce:

Montana High School Business Challenge (HSBC) students completed the 8th and final week of the spring semester competition on April 17th.  The 8 week competition saw the economic model begin with moderate growth followed by an economic downturn before rebounding the final two weeks (two business quarters).  The Montana Chamber Foundation with support from individuals, businesses and foundations offers the business education competition to any school in Montana interested in bringing their students a real life simulation that teaches business operations and management.  Since 2002 more than 16,000 students have learned business skills by competing in the program.

Teams are ranked at the end of the competition by the final stock price of the simulated business they manage in a competitive market place against other schools in the semester program.  Students on the First Place Team receive a $1,000 academic scholarship to any 2 or 4 year college.  Second place team members receive a $500 scholarship and Third Place team members a $250 scholarship.  Other scholarships are awarded for finishing in the top quartile of stock prices and for realizing the largest stock price rebound from the mid-point of the competition until the final week.  Teams are recognized at local awards ceremonies in their communities and at the
Montana Chamber and Governors' Cup Golf Tournament.

Top 10 Teams in the 2013 Spring Semester

1. Sunburst High School (Team 10)-$97.95/Share

2. Whitefish High School (Team 1)-$97.15/Share

3. Red Lodge High School (Team 20)-$96.35/Share

4. Sunburst High School (Team 7)-$94.35/Share
5. Whitefish High School (Team 19)-$93.95/Share
6. Melstone High School (Team 1)-$93.55/Share
7. Melstone High School (Team 3)-$92.35/Share
8. Conrad High School (Team 1)-$91.95/Share
9. Whitefish High School (Team 15)-$90.39/Share
10. Melstone High School (Team 2)-$90.35/Share