As our lawmakers continue to posture and politicize, the deadline for resolving this danged debt crisis is drawing nearer. But while the GOP and Democratic forces debate and decline one another's proposals, my special guest at 4:35PM this afternoon (Friday) says President Obama alone has the power to prevent a default and a global financial crisis and it's not one of Jim Anderson's Grizzly Sports' free lattaes! Steven Marmon is the man with the answer and he's reported on Congress for the New York Times, wrote about finance for Money Magazine, and is the author of "The Cheaters," a forthcoming book on political sex scandals. I'm looking forward to meeting Steven this afternoon on the Puffman Show. I hope I don't find out that he drives a New York taxi cab for a living! One observation I'd like to make... while our country seems to be "financially embarrassed" these days, I don't believe I've seen an such a spectacle where the politicians are driving the media, the media is driving the politicians, and the public is getting to the point where it's "like the boy who cried wolf". If hot air was energy, we wouldn't have to worry about any of our nation's power or fuel supplies for the next one hundred years. The 24 hour news cycle appears to start on the Sunday morning talking heads television shows, and whoever says what, will keep cycling and recycling until something bigger comes along to blow it off the front page such as a Casey Anthony story or another piece of trite on Angelina and Brad. Then there's always Amy Winehouse. Have a happy weekend. Perhaps next week by this time, it will all be straightened out. Yeah, right!