I read "Montana History" this Tuesday evening at the Marias Heritage Center, it's now Thursday morning and I'm still thinking about the book we are currently reading. It's one of the best books ever in my opinion, and we're only on page 63 thus far. The book is "The Place Of Belonging-A Memoir" and the author is former Great Falls and Conrad resident, Jayne Pearson Faulkner. It's a beautiful memoir of a young girl living in Great Falls back in the 40's and moving to a Conrad farm with her mom and her mom's new husband, the man she begins calling "daddy". Religion plays an important role, from the church women who turn away from this illegitimate child, young Jayne, to the new stepfather who ponders following his minister father's footsteps. I understand that the Conrad farm where Jayne found her "place of belonging" remains in the family with another generation poised to carry on the family's heritage. My friend Marie Ostrem will be reading "Montana History" for me this coming Tuesday and I can't wait to return to the Marias Heritage Center the week after next to read more of this beautiful story. Stay tuned.