My middle name may be "Sports" but I gotta' tell you, even if you're not a sports fan, round ball tournament time has to one of the best times ever in northern Montana. This week we've got the District 1B going in Cut Bank (Car Town) and the District 10C  happening in Conrad. We'll be on the air live from the tournaments on both our AM and FM stations not to mention streaming. One reason I enjoy this season so much is that it gives all of us an opportunity to see and mingle with old friends and listeners. Some of these folks we haven't seen since last year. They come  from all over. The restaurants are bustling, we'll see vehicles with license plates from all the different area counties, and things are literally churning. After a rather challenging winter weatherwise, this is just what we need. It's time for some real fun and an opportunity to support our area athletes. We're just getting started now so enjoy all of it as much as you can because I predict no matter who wins or loses, there will some wonderful and precious memories as we head in to spring. Toss one in the hoop for me!