My good friend Marie Ostrem will be sitting in for me this evening (Tuesday) to read "Montana History" up at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby. "Montana Marie" will continue with the great book that we're been enjoying the past couple of weeks, "Glacier From the Inside Out". If this book doesn't make you want to head over to the park as soon as possible, much less hire on as a bellboy, nothing will! All the various & anecdotes from former Glacier Park employees through the years are literally fascinating beyond description. After reading the adventures of some former Red "Jammers" last week, I wouldn't mind getting my CDL & piloting one of those "bad boys' up & down the infamous Going To The Sun" highway this summer. I'm already a whiz "behind the wheel", & what with my verbal skills here on the radiator station, I would probably more than an engaging tour guide as we cruised through the pines. I'll see you all NEXT Tuesday at the Heritage Center for more "Montana History". In the meantime I encourage you to join Marie tonight at 6 o'clock to do some more "armchair traveling". Fasten your seat belts, Glacier we come!