"More Peas, Thank You" is a New York Times bestselling author Sarah Matheny's handy book of delectable recipes that will change the way you eat forever. This delicious read is "peppered" with humorous, every-parent's-been-there anecdotes & stories that will have any astute reader with a healthy appetite, a healthy sense of humor, & a desire to get healthy, laughing all the way to the kitchen & going back for seconds. Sarah Matheny has come up with a relatable, down-to-earth approach to family-friendly vegetarian cooking. Sarah is an attorney (don't sue me, Sarah!). who has appeared in cover feature stories for major print & online publications & has engaged viewers through numerous cooking television segments, & has shown millions of home cooks how to prepare healthy, nutritious vegetarian meals through her popular blog, Peas & Thank You & with her New York Times bestselling book, "Peas and Thank You; Meatless Meals The Whole Family Will Love". Check out "More Peas, Thank  You" with 85 plus vegetarian recipes for delicious & healthy meals. Check out the book from Harlequin. Well, it's lunchtime & me? Vegetarian? I'm the Puffman, give me a burger & a beer!