With tournament action going full tilt, it seems like there is more life than ever up here on the High Line. Our Shelby viaduct may be half closed but that doesn't stop all the visitors coming into Shelby. (see an earlier blog for a short cut) The Puffman remains busy at the radio station manning the control boards as we twist the dials and turn the knobs in order to broadcast all the games over the ether waves and on the internet. I wish I could attend the tournaments and perhaps some day I can and perhaps even broadcast a game or two. In the meantime I get "second hand" information from our skilled team of professional broadcasters, Dean, Gary, Mark, and Mike. They thrill me with their "first hand" stories of all the fun and excitement that goes on in the gyms during our broadcasts. Of course, they all do such a good job describing the action that I feel like I am right there with them when the games are going.  I think it would be interesting to find out how many nachos, hot dogs, pizzas, and pretzels are sold during a tournament weekend in north central Montana. While some may argue that this isn't the healthiest fare, I think moderation is the key to anything in life and there's certainly nothing more American than enjoying several weekends filled with everything from nachos to pretzels. There's enough serious stuff going on in this crazy old world that we all need to take a break for some fun stuff, enjoy our families and neighbors, and chow down on a dog. I like mustard on mine by the way. Enjoy the rest of the tournaments, don't worry about me, I'll be back here at the radiator station making sure that our 10,000 red hot watts and 100,000 Wide Open Country watts respectively are getting the games out to wherever you're listening in radio land.  I'll also man the internet connections so that you may enjoy a clear, concise web cast via way of the world wide internet. And for memories' sakes, keep in mind that we will continue selling CD's of all our broadcasts. I gotta' get back to work now and keep my eye on the ball. Enjoy the rest of the tournaments and eat some pretzels for me!