Award-winning advertising writer/creative director & author Michael Craven is out next month with his newest novel, "The Detective & The Pipe Girl" & although this richly atmospheric, wildly, witty, & fast-paced mystery doesn't hit the bookstores until next month (June), I'm giving away an "ADVANCE" copy of the book away on Puffman Musical Trivia this afternoon (Monday) at 4:30. I've come up with a cool musical trivia question on my hero, Bob Dylan for this afternoon's fun contest. In "The Detective & The Pipe Girl (Bourbon Street Books/Harper paperbacks), the crusty Craven introduces unforgettable private dick John Darvelle, & brilliantly captures the magnetic allure of Los Angeles. Private Detective John Darvelle is a man of specific tastes-good design, smart women & cheap American beer. He sounds like a carbon copy of myself, only I like craft beer! He's a man of specific opinions-drives a car nobody can remember, avoid brunch at all costs, & don't live in Brentwood...look what happened to O.J.'s late wife! Detective Darvelle adheres to his own professional code-an indelible blend of fierce loyalty, unwavering commitment, & performance under pressure. The ocean, hills, homes, & sun-streaked streets of L.A. all come alive as vibrant entities & the clever Craven knows them inside & out. ""The Detective & The Pipe Girl" is sure to satisfy this afternoon's WINNER on Puffman Musical Trivia. Well, I know "who" the detective is...I want to find out "WHO" the Pipe Girl" is. Is she a woman who smokes a pipe? Does she have anything to do with the oldie, "Pipeline" by the Chantays that we spin here on Good As Gold-KSEN-AM 1150! See you later this afternoon on Puffman Musical Trivia. Pipe up for the Pipe Girl & the Puffman. The critics are already ravin' over Craven!