It's St. Patrick's Day and I'm proud to say that I'm wearing a green shirt, green dress slacks, green socks, and I even tried to dye my hair green but that deal didn't work out so well. Talk about "putting on the ol' feed bag"...the Cut Bank Elks Lodge is having a FREE corn beef and cabbage dinner starting at 5:30 tonight for all their members and their families along with the families of deceased members. Starting time/eating time is 5:30PM. That's what the Elks are doing and dig what the Moose are doing in Conrad. The Conrad Boy Scouts are hosting a spaghetti dinner at the Conrad Moose Lodge starting at 6. Chow is $5 a plate or $20 for the whole danged family. Right after the dinner, there's an action packed auction to top off your St. Patrick's evening. Spaghetti? Sure! Did you know that St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland was NOT Irish. He was a Frenchman and his real name was Succat. St. Patrick didn't let much moss (green) grow under his feet. He founded 700 churches, consecrated 700 bishops, ordained 3,000 priests, and baptized 80,000 people. Happy St. Patty's Day from Jerry O'Puffer