"Ready for Pretirement" is retirement & living trust expert Kris Miller's recently released book. Kris has advised over 5,000 families in the past 20 years on retirement & estate planning issues. In fact, she coined the phrase, "PREtirement" to emphasize how we all need to prepare for our Golden Years way before we retire. I've already been doing my part...I asked Judy Richman up at the Heritage to "hold a room" for me! Ms. Miller is quite a lady. Besides this informative read, she is also an accomplished music professional, having won several prestigious songwriting awards. In fact, she's written over 900 spiritual songs & received worldwide radio-play on gospel & country stations. Her music has also topped the charts in Europe. I would think that once the royalties start rolling in, she'll be "set for life" & won't have to even bother reading her own book! For the rest of us, reading the book might be the order of the day...none of us are getting any younger. I don't have any thoughts on retirement at this stage of my life. I keep remembering what the late Paul Harvey once said..."Retiring is getting ready to die"! Don't listen to Paul, check out Kris Miller's "Ready for PREtirement" & find out the 3 secrets for safe money & a fabulous future. Look for it in the bookstores or at: ReadyForPREtirement.com & find out "Secrets They don't want you to know about retirement.