KRTV meteorologist Matt Jones tells us

Elevations above 6500 feet have seen much of this moisture come down in the form of snow. At Badger Pass, southwest of Heart Butte, 9" of snow has fallen in the last 12 hours and other remote locations have likely seen well over a foot.

Another 2-4" of rain can be expected through tomorrow morning in Glacier National Park with 1-2" on the nearby plains and this will most likely cause additional flooding.

Another foot of snow could accumulate at the higher elevations above 6500 feet.

This rain and snow is a significant weather phenomenon, we urge you all to be mindful of your surroundings, water can rise very rapidly and you can find yourself in a situation that is more difficult and dangerous than it needed to be. Share your photos of the rising water with us on our Facebook page and please, be careful out there!