By the "South", I'm blogging about the Ag producers in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, & Texas. Colorado had 4 inches of rain in the past 10 days. The "Lucky" Linnenbergs will commence seeding in Colorado, as soon as the ground dries out. Kansas reports NOTHING! Oklahoma had 1.5 inches at Larry Goyer's place & Ken Adderholt had 2 inches at his farm. Tall-Todd, our custom cutter friend, said that the Alberta farmers "dusted" in winter wheat, mainly on irrigated ground, & in his travels through our neighboring Idaho, he said things are dry, with everyone hoping the recent forecast will produce some significant moisture. Here in the Golden Triangle, Gary Gollehon at the Gollehon place over at the Knees, is busy counting moths & killing rattle snakes. That pretty well sums up my Puffman Ag Blog for this week. Hang in there.