Not many authors of Westerns turn their attention to Christmas. My special guest tomorrow afternoon (Thursday) on the Puffman Show has done just that. He's Murray W. Nabors (no relation to Jim) and I've invited him back on the program this year. Murray was a delightful guest last Christmas when we discussed his book, "Romantic Christmas Stories of the Old West" and I'm more than pleased that he's agreed to return again this Christmas season. Murray's book abounds with stories with optimism, good news, and romance and they are pitched for both adults and children. The characters include cowboys, outlaws, Indians, gamblers, miners, dance hall girls, bartenders, school children, stage coach drivers and the usual cross section of interesting folks who peopled the American west in the 1800's. There would probably be radio announcers in the book if radio hadn't waited so long to get invented. I invite you to tune in tomorrow at 4:35 as we'll restore the plain, old fashioned goodness of an earlier day to the Christmas season here in the Golden Triangle. And be the first caller after my interview to win Murray's book, "Romantic Christmas Stories". It's a beautiful presentation!