The Center 4 Mental Health Advisory Board meets today (Tuesday) at noon at Ringside Ribs here in Shelby. Our board meets the 3rd Tuesday of every month September through May. Partnering to improve lives is what it is all about and we are always looking for new board members who would be willing to serve. (contact the center at 434 5285). Speaking of the Center for Mental Health, their new (relatively new) location is working out great. It doesn't seem like almost a year ago that the Center moved over to 925 Oilfield Avenue, the old Buzybees Daycare in the Rock Svennungsen building. I'll blog more about the Center 4 Mental Health in an upcoming Puffman Blog. I WILL mention today that the Beautiful Minds Walk (BMW) is set for next month, Saturday, June 16th down in Great Falls. Look for anywhere between 500 and 750 participants in this year's event. This year's theme is "Music is Healing" and the Drum Brothers will be coming over from Missoula to facilitate a drum circle near the Wellness Fair which kicks off at 11:30 on that Saturday morning. The walk is set for 1PM. The Beautiful Minds Walk is an event for anyone who is dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by serious mental illness. The Center 4 Mental Health is a nonprofit community mental health center that provides therapeutic services to over 6,000 individuals each year, more than 700 are veterans and 900 are children. Funds raised by the Beautiful Minds Walk will be used solely to support important mental wellness programs. In the meantime, see you this afternoon at noon at Ringside for our Advisory Board Meeting.