"From "Ruby Ridge to Freedom-The Sara Weaver Story"  is the new book written by Sara Weaver. Sara was a teenager when her little brother was shot & killed by a U.S. Marshall. One day later, her mother was killed right in front of her by an FBI sniper. Sara survived the 11 siege, hunkered down in a cabin on a mountain top in Naples, Idaho with her little sisters, her injured father (the infamous Randy Weaver), & injured adopted brother. This book is Sara's story written in her own words & Sherry will be in Cut Bank NEXT Sunday at the Cut Bank Civic Center from 5 until 8. Sara will be appearing at a ministerial fundraiser entitled "From Ruby Ridge To Freedom...There'll be a spaghetti dinner/auction & tickets are available now at the local Cut Bank churches. Sara will be joining me THIS Tuesday afternoon at 4:30 on the Puffman Show to share her story & her book. It's a riveting account of what went on, what went wrong, & how Sara has found light at the end of the tunnel. See you Tuesday at 4:30 with Sara Weaver on the radio & then next Sunday evening in Cut Bank at the Civic Center.