I had a chance to read some reports this morning (Friday) on crop conditions in the south (Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas) and I noted one comment out of Kansas that said that "the crops look good, but are really early". Of course, we seem to be enjoying an early spring here in the Golden Triangle. The Kansas source said that he thought the winterwheat could be as much as a month early in maturing. Although things are warm, timely rains are keeping the crops in reasonably good condition, with one inch in the Tribune/Leoti area. Gee, I never knew the Great Falls paper was named after an area in Kansas! The rust spores I alluded to in the headline of today's blog, are commencing and sprayers are starting to roll and fly. One fellow ways that they are going to spray on rust with ground rigs, as the aerial rigs are too expensive. These rust spores are on the plants and it appears to be affecting varieties such as Stone, Jackpot, T-81 and Bill Brown. Old Mister Rust hasn't been found in Kansas as of yet, but many are concerned about the early maturing and the possibility of frost. Down in Oklahoma, one of the producers says he had 1.20 of rain recently and is contemplating spraying for rust as it is becoming evident with the 80 degree weather. I don't know a lot about farming but I DO know that often whatever happens to the crops in the south will eventually wind it's way up here to Big Sky Country.