It's the school that taught me EVERYTHING I know. I'm the Puffman. According to the Great Falls High School Heritage Foundation, the Great Falls School District is working on plans that could adversely affect the school. I'm not sure what, but I hope it doesn't involve the posting of my high school transcript and grades! The Great Falls High School Heritage Foundation, is a new non-profit group, recently nominated the school to the National Register of Historic Places and has plans for other restoration projects. As "they" say, "she was there for us and now she needs our help". If you're interested in preserving the grand old Great Falls High School, why not contact the Foundation at 406 868 9235. I'll provide more details on what might happen, what should happen, and what we can "MAKE happen". More details as they become available in future Puffman Blogs. Hopefully the statue of limitations has expired on my Great Falls High School student days!