Global warming is cause by ozone depletion, NOT greenhouse gases. That's what Peter L. Ward says, & this PhD (Columbia University) has put together a new book to be released THIS Sunday, November 1st!  Ward's no dummy...he put in 27 years with the United States Geological Survey & chaired the committee on public warning under OSTP at the White House, 1997-1998. He also was one of the chief architects & 1st managers of the National Earthquake Hazard Reduction Program, 1976-1978. In his tome, he writes that we can develop fossil fuels WITHOUT damaging out climate. PhD Ward has some strong research & opinions! In his book, "What Really Causes Climate Change,"Dr. Ward writes that the greenhouse-gas theory is physically impossible. I have often thought it was a bunch of hot air anyway. As for the weird weather of recent years, Dr. Ward says it can be explained by ozone depletion is being caused by all volcanic eruptions. Climate change throughout geologic time, both warming & cooling, can be explained clearly by changes in the types & sizes of volcanic eruption according to Dr. Ward. I suggest checking out the book, "What Really Causes Climate Change?" at: