If you enjoy having a glass of the amber brew as much as I do (I'm The Puffman), you'll want to check out Robin Shephard's sudsiest book ever! It's "Minnesota's Best Breweries And Brewpubs-Searching for the Perfect Pint" from the University Of Wisconsin Press. Robin spend 4 years of travel and research on this bubbling book and one critic calls it "the most comprehensive guide to beers, beer drinking, and breweries in Minniesota one could hope to find". I agree, I've been reading and studying this book for months. There's a description of beers on tap and a list of seasonal and specialty beers, notes on the pub food, with recommendations for each brewery and brewpub site. All in all, Shepard provides commentary for more than 30 beer makers and 300 Minnesota beers. He does a great job and it's beautifully illustrated. I mean, what can you say about a guy who was awarded the "Quill and Tankard Writing Award of the North American Guild of Beer Writers"! I mean this is serious stuff and a nice break from politics these days. I especially enjoyed reading about two of my favorite Minnesota brews, Summit EPA and Schell's Firebrick. I understand that Schell's is the second oldest brewery in the United States or perhaps the oldest family owned brewing company in the U.S. I believe the oldest brewery anywhere in this country is Yuengling back in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. I'll have to continue my research and reading. I'm taking this seriously and I can't wait to get back to the book. In the meantime, if you're a beer connoisseur or just enjoy wetting your whistle, you'll love this read. Should be available in most book stores visit www.wisc.edu/wisconsinpress. Bottoms up!