That old tune was running through my mind this morning as I looked over the September Precipitation Report I received from Co-operative observer Gary Gollehon in the Knees area. If anybody knows ANYTHING about cooperation, it's's his middle name! Gary reports that they had a total rainfall last month (September) of .88. Traces of precipitation were recorded on September 6th, 19th, 23rd, & 27th. September 7th saw .06, the 8th recorded .04, on the 9th, it was .33 while September 10th came in with only .04. There was a .29 on the 25th, .12 on the 26th. All in all, Co-operative observer Gollehon at the Gollehon place (east of Brady...the Knees area) says that the month ended on a very windy note with warm temperatures. ALL Gary's data was taken at the crack of dawn...6 in the morning at the Knees. It will be interesting to see what the month of October brings to the Golden Triangle. I'll keep you posted on  my Puffman Blog. Thanks for the report, Gary!