It's all in Dr. Mardy Grothe's new book, "Neverisms, A quotation lover's guide to things you should never do, never say, or never forget" and Dr. Grothe is going to be my guest this afternoon (Monday) at 4:35 on the Puffman Show. His book includes scores of classic quotations that have endured through the ages as well as hundreds more that will be new to even the most serious quotation connoisseur. The book looks like a riot to read  and contains nearly 2,000 quotations that begin with the word "never". John Wayne's in this tome and so's Mae West and Frank Zappa.  I've got a hardback copy of this new read from HarperCollins and I'll give it away after the interview this afternoon. It's Dr, Mardy Grothe and the Puffman today at 4:35. As Bing Crosby says in the book, "never take top billing. You'll last longer that way". Enough said Bing!