When I 1st came across this title, "Sharing Housing", I assumed that it was a book about the old communes back in the 60's. WRONG again Puffman! The author, Annamarie Pluhar is a consultant with expertise in group dynamics, interpersonal relations, & instructional design. Annamarie has lived in "shared housing" for over 20 years & she's come up with a practical process for selecting & keeping good housemates. Her blog, www.sharinghousing.com, a companion to this book, contains commentary, additional tools, & discussion options for home sharers everywhere. The plausible Pluhar knows of what she speaks & writes...she lives in Vermont with one two-legged & two 4-legged housemates! I wonder if there's a mother-in-law in the mix here! This book is helpful to anyone thinking of living with housemates. It makes clear what works & will become a "must have" in the years ahead as people want to or are forced to find ways to conserve resources, space, & emotional energy. The time for shared housing has come. Or as we used to say in the 60's..."we're all brothers in the revolution"! Not only that, but Bill McKibben, author of "Eaarth" (yeah, I know it's spelled wrong but that's the way McKibben spells it!), says for the past 60 years, Americans have concentrated on building bigger houses farther apart from each other. It's been environmentally ruinous, & it's made us kind of lonely". Speak for yourself Bill, we have plenty of wide open space out here in Big Sky Country. Check out the book, it's from Bauhan Publishing. I'm waiting for a book on "office mates" in corporate America. I guess we already have that in the comic strips with Dilbert!