On today's Extension Minute, Toole County Agent Alice Burchak talked about the Shelby Community Gardens. Here are the contact numbers for the gardens, and the list of vegetable starts available through the Shelby Schools RECCS program:

For information on leasing a plot at the Shelby Community garden call MSU Extension 424-8350.

 For information on leasing a plot at the Senior Garden call Nancy Carlbom 434-4330

The Shelby RECCS Program is setting up its greenhouse to raise garden plants to sell as a fundraiser. They are asking gardeners to pre-order your plants this year so they can be sure to raise enough of the most popular plants. Here are the options:

Brassica: Available in 4-packs, $3.00 for regular plant packs, $4.00 for hybrid plant packs.

Code Plant Size Price ($)
B1 Broccoli 4-pack 4.00
B2 Cauliflower 4-pack 3.00
B3 Brussel Sprouts 4-pack 4.00
B4 Cabbage – White (Copenhagen) 4-pack 3.00
B5 Cabbage – Red (Mammoth) 4-pack 3.00


Tomatoes:  Available in 4-packs or 3.5” large pots. $3.00 for regular plant packs, $4.00 for hybrid plant packs, $2.50 for 3.5” large pots.

Code Plant Size Price ($)
T1 Early Girl 4-pack 4.00
T2 Early Girl 3.5” pot 2.50
T3 Martino’s Roma 4-pack 3.00
T4 Martino’s Roma 3.5” pot 2.50
T5 Beefsteak 4-pack 3.00
T6 Beefsteak 3.5” pot 2.50
T7 Better Boy 4-pack 4.00
T8 Better Boy 3.5” pot 2.50
T9 Paul Robeson 3.5” pot 2.50
T10 Silvery Fir Tree 3.5” pot 2.50
T11 Brandywine 3.5” pot 2.50
T12 Isis Candy (cherry) 4-pack 3.00
T13 Isis Candy (cherry) 3.5” pot 2.50
T14 Purple Plum (cherry) 4-pack 3.00
T15 Purple Plum (cherry) 3.5” pot 2.50


Peppers:  Available for $2.50 in 3.5” large pots.

Code Plant Size Price ($)
  Hot Peppers    
P1 Thai Super Chili 3.5” pot 2.50
P2 Chili de Arbol 3.5” pot 2.50
P3 Jalapeño 3.5” pot 2.50
  Sweet Peppers    
P4 Marconi 3.5” pot 2.50
P5 Purple Beauty 3.5” pot 2.50


Squash: Available for $2.50 in a 3.5” large pot or some varieties are sold for $3.00 for a larger 4.5” pot.

Code Plant Size Price ($)
Sq1 Burgess Buttercup 3.5” pot 2.50
Sq2 Boston Marrow 3.5” pot 2.50
Sq3 Butternut 3.5” pot 2.50
Sq4 Yellow Summer 3.5” pot 2.50
Sq5 Zucchini 3.5” pot 2.50
Sq6 Acorn 3.5” pot 2.50
Sq7 Giant Magic Pumpkin 4.5” pot 3.00
Sq8 Connecticut Field Pumpkin 4.5” pot 3.00
C1 Sweet Lil’ Cantaloupe 3.5” pot 2.50
W1 Watermelon 3.5” pot 2.50


Herbs: Available for $2.50 in a 3.5” large pot.

Code Plant Size Price ($)
H1 Oregano 3.5” pot 2.50
H2 Rosemary 3.5” pot 2.50
H3 Italian Parsley 3.5” pot 2.50
H4 Basil (Large Leaf) 3.5” pot 2.50
H5 Basil (Dark Opal) 3.5” pot 2.50


Cucumber: Available in 4-packs or 3.5” large pots.

Code Plant Size Price ($)
C2 Marketmore Cucumber Slicer 4-pack 3.00
C3 Marketmore Cucumber Slicer 3.5” pot 2.50


Onion (live sets): These sets are grown from seed this year.  About 50 will be chosen for a set and will be sold in water and need to be planted right away. $10.00 per set.

Code Plant Size Price ($)
On1 Candy ~50/set 10.00
On2 Walla Walla ~50/set 10.00
On3 Red Wethersfield ~50/set 10.00

Order form with payment should be returned to:

RECCS Greenhouse Project, Shelby Public Schools, 1010 Oilfield Av, Shelby MT 59474